Liion-GP Our mean machine

Electric Superbike Twente is currently working on its first extremely fast superbike. The enormous power and torque of electric motors enable a whole new world of opportunities. The motorcycle will feature thrilling acceleration, and at the same time a high top speed. 

Our superbike will be built from scratch. The very driven mechanical team designs a custom frame. This frame is designed around the main electrical components, in tight collaboration with the electrical engineers. At their turn, the electrical team pushes limits by designing and building our own battery pack. Both teams together work on our SCU, the Superbike Control Unit, which monitors and controls every single component of the superbike.  Finally, the whole bike is finished with an aerodynamic bodywork, designed in-house.

For more photos of the Liion-GP, check out our Flickr page

Under 3 seconds

150 kW (200hp)

220 kg

1070 Nm (4:1 red.)

The various components of the superbike are being designed right now. As soon as our design is finished, we will publish technical information about our electrical and mechanical parts. Meanwhile, we are also looking for suppliers for various components. Quickly race to our partner page in case you are interested. 

Electrical system

Electric motor

  • Type: Custom PMAC
  • Supplier: AE Group
  • Specifications: 150kW

Battery pack

  • Type: Li-ion 18650 cells
  • Specifications: 16kWh modular

Motor controller

  • Type: Bamocar D3
  • Supplier: Unitek Gmbh
  • Specifications: 700V, 150kW

Battery management system

  • Type: Custom made
  • Supplier: Prodrive Technologies



  • Type: Steel tubular CrMoB
  • Supplier: VG Motorcycles


  • Type: Aluminium welded
  • Supplier: Chassis Factory


  • Type: Ohlins front and back
  • Supplier: Ten Kate Racing Products


  • Type: Custom fiberglass


  • Type: Brembo M4
  • Supplier: Ten Kate Racing Products
  • Specifications: 4-piston, 108mm

Wheels & tires

  • Type: PVM Magnesium wheels
  • Supplier: Ten Kate Racing Products