Saturday 20th until Sunday 28th of October!


To ensure we get the best out of the team throughout the year, we strive to get one of the podium places in our first year. We will make sure the world knows this!


We believe that sustainability is very important. We will spend lots of resources to make that our team finds, develops and uses sustainable materials.


Because battling for a podium position is our goal, building a reliable and extremely fast motorcycle is the highest priority. A power-to-weight ratio of 1:1 is our goal.

Electrifying times we live in! The transportation sector is switching from internal combustion engines to electric motors. This shift enables great new opportunities. It is probably the final shift in automotive industry, since shifting gears is no longer needed. Together with the enormous torque of electric motors, acceleration can be faster than ever! Also, electric motors provide a more efficient energy conversion and have the unique advantage that they can be extremely powerful. So, with less total energy, less pollution and less maintenance, driving is more fun! 

Electric Superbike Twente is the youngest Student Team at Twente. We started in the summer of 2017 to build one of the fastest electric racing motorcycles. The goal is to race for a podium position in the MotoE competition in 2018.

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Our superbike will show that electric power is not only sustainable, but also really fun (and fast)!